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Living in the beautiful state capital city of Hartford, Connecticut can be an interesting experience. While the city is full of incredible historic monuments, high society charm, and more, there is also another side of this unique city. Beneath the surface, many people are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions unbeknownst to their friends and neighbors. If you are one of those people secretly fighting a drug or alcohol addiction, there is help available to you from various options in addiction treatment in Hartford. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment comes in many forms and styles to suit the needs of each and every person with an addiction. Learn a bit more about options for addiction treatment in Hartford and the ways that drug rehab can help you with your addiction so you can be sure you handle your drug or alcohol addiction recovery in the best way possible.

What Is Addiction?

Many people do not think they need addiction treatment in Hartford because they have not received all of the important information about addiction in general. Drug and alcohol addictions are diseases. Because addiction is a disease, it has a list of symptoms and diagnostic criteria that medical professionals can us to diagnose the disease. These symptoms and characteristics are both physical and mental in nature.

While society generally considers addiction to be a mental affliction, that is only one side of the equation. When a person consumes addictive substances, whether they have an addiction or not, the chemicals of the drug will travel through the bloodstream to the brain. After the chemicals are carried to the brain, they interact with the neurons in the brain and signal them to act in certain ways. This can include releasing hormones, slowing the overall function of the nervous system, or speeding up the nervous system (depending on the exact drug). The brain normally performs such functions on its own as needed but with the drugs giving it new instructions, it will begin to act and function differently. And the more a person uses the addictive substance, the more the brain will come to rely on the addictive substance. Once the brain is fully reliant on the drug to perform certain actions, that person has a physical, chemical dependence on the substance.

This physical side of addiction is what is most often misunderstood by the general public and even by people suffering from an addiction. People with addictions often believe that they can overcome their addiction without the help of drug and alcohol addiction treatment because they believe it is a matter of willpower. However, without drug rehab, recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is almost never successful.

How does Addiction Treatment Work?

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment work by providing addicts with a safe and structured environment in which they can deal with their addiction and the associated issues directly. While there are many different forms of addiction treatment in Hartford, all of the treatment programs provide comprehensive care that will address the mental and physical sides of the person's addiction. The different drug and alcohol addiction treatment options vary based on the types of treatments and therapies that a person best relates to and connects with.

Some people prefer wholly traditional treatment programs that include options like drug detox in Hartford, a 12-step program, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. These traditional or conventional treatment programs appeal to people that like programs that follow conventional medical advice and are highly logical and structured in nature. However, this is not for everybody. Some people prefer alternative treatments. Alternative therapies in addiction treatment and recovery can include options like equine therapy in which a recovering addict works with a therapist and a horse to rebuild emotional awareness and trusting relationships. Other alternative therapies include meditation, restorative yoga, chiropractic care, pet therapy, art therapy, and more. Holistic programs are another option to consider and represent a combination of traditional and alternative treatments to create a treatment program that treats addiction from every possible angle.

Why Should I Enter an Addiction Treatment Center?

Entering a drug rehab center is the best possible way for you to attempt overcoming an addiction. In drug rehab, you will be able to safely get the drug out of your system with the help of medical detox. Additionally, you will receive the support and help you need to discover and deal with the issues that led you to abuse drugs or alcohol and develop an addiction in the first place. Whether these issues are mental health disorders like depression or anxiety or they are complex traumas or other life issues and stresses, addiction treatment in Hartford can help you to directly address those issues and develop coping mechanisms and strategies that will help you to avoid falling back into self-destructive habits after treatment is complete. Call Hartford Drug Rehab Centers now for help (860) 359-9217.

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